Bucket List

How are you?
These are words whose utility strangers exploit
But I want your lips to spare me the state of your well-being
I want my eyes to allay your fears when our gaze meet.
I want to feel your hips genuinely against mine
As the rider against his stallion
I want you to breathe me in while my hands suffocate your body
I want to taste the watermelon crested scent on your lip
I want our greetings to be so.
I want to fall prey to your wiles
I want our bodies to be familiar
As bees to flowers
I want your hands to sojourn throughout my body
Be the captain of my ship
Stir my rudder to the treasure island
Sink my anvil in your waters
Lemme come to your stop
I want to uphold you as a trophy
I want to case you up on a shelf
I want to fill you up
For I will not spill you over
Nor will I withhold my need for you
I want to be wholly doused with you.
I want your kiss to dry up my tears
I want to hear your heartbeat while I lay sober
I want to be soothed by your silence
I want to hear you whisper, “everything will be fine”.
For the truth of it will be confirmed by your utterance
I want to look up to you from my low
For your beauty will render my troubles worthless.
I want to cool your fire
I want to nestle in your ashes
I want to be the one you desire
I don’t care what you take me as, as long as you take… me.
I want to be content with your nimiety
I want to be agape by your surreal beauty
I want to be closer to Him for your sake
I want to be your plague
I want to trust my being for you
I want to be your more
I want to be your least
I want to be your sore
I want to be your bliss
I want to be your bucket list.

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