'Don't listen to those powerful voices in your head'. The ones that make your eyes water when they speak, Their embrace plunges you into an utopia of nothingness, Yes those voices. They remind you of why you are not holding the sceptre, Why you are not dominant over the other kings. The hairs on your … Continue reading Voices



My shoulder pads away my tears, My hand writes away my sorrows. A king is not to be seen with a leaky face. But I am no royalty. What type of king forsakes his queen? What type of love waits for the right time? Do I want you back? I'm afraid, no! Do I need … Continue reading Royalty?

Last Letter To My Lover

I've tried to swim, but my feelings for you never drowned Walked through fire, but it never got charred I've closed my eyes and wished you away but when I open them, they still stared 'Why are you still here?' My hands were free, but it weren't clung to them My heart raced to find … Continue reading Last Letter To My Lover