Last Letter To My Lover

I’ve tried to swim, but my feelings for you never drowned
Walked through fire, but it never got charred
I’ve closed my eyes and wished you away but when I open them, they still stared
‘Why are you still here?’
My hands were free, but it weren’t clung to them
My heart raced to find it, but it was never on track
I had let it go. but still held it close
Why would I shatter what gave me so much joy?
How do you love and hate something consecutively?
It had caused me so much pain
so much so that my heart cringed every time it came around
It came around every time
Blood and tears
These are not the features of joy
I had smiled and cried at the same time
Genuine happiness, grave melancholy
Years of lessons, I finally learnt to let go
I pray for you, joy, at the very most
That you find God and hold Him close
You were a great friend
But my feelings for you have come to an end.

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