I'm Eighteen years old! Asides from it being the number at the top right corner of rated movies. What does it mean? Asides from it being the special pass card at clubs, what does it mean to you? Asides from it being the leverage society bases your prospective actions on. What does it mean... To … Continue reading 18


Acne Remedy

Pimples have been a theme so far for me for a very long time. There's nothing, absolutely nothing you won't hear about curing pimples, from egg yolk to lemon zest. But apart from cutting down on my acne-loving snacks  which has been a very hard ask I've also steadied with an acne cream although it … Continue reading Acne Remedy

Prime Part II

'keem keeem keem'  for once Casey detested the overly resonating sound of the school 'bell'. He trotted off to class leaving her behind, he concluded she wasn't going to give him a convincing answer like it was three years ago when he made this silly move on a social network, she had told him they couldn't be best … Continue reading Prime Part II

Prime Part I

'You're going for rehearsals ba'? He asked, Casey made sure she noticed the earnestness in his words, He tried as much as possible to stay compact as to properly verbalize the lines he had practiced antecedently. 'Yeah, any problem?' She replied. Her friends knew he was the shy lot but somehow they found him convincing … Continue reading Prime Part I

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Mr. Obi, a maintenance engineer who worked at a maintenance company located at Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Mr. Obi was a simple man who loved his job, he had a family of four, his lovely wife, Mrs. Obi and their boys. Mr. Obi went to work on a Monday morning and as usual he carried … Continue reading A Stitch In Time Saves Nine